Wedding Hall Launching

Whatever the occasion is we are always ready to serve you in style with globetrotting cuisines & all in-house arrangements as well as outdoor event arrangements. The environment are innovatively visualized and meticulously crafted to give you a wonderful experience. Marriages are made in heaven; well marriages executed by Advanced Wedding Hall will surely be divine.

Our warm welcome make our guests feel at home, away from home and our crisp and courteous service empowers them to get more done with greater effectiveness and control. This group is defined by the emotional and unique equity of its iconic properties that are authentic, non- replicable with great potential to create memories and stories.

In many ways, what we had in mind with the whole idea was what we executed into a flawless reality and standing as testaments to the claim we have our air-conditioned dining hall, semi-open dining hall and bar & lounge area – all fitted into a dreamy tropical backdrop.

Advanced Wedding Hall also gives you the facility of tailor made catering to organize your parties & function as per your requirements. We have number of cuisines for you to choose from i.e. Indian, Chinese, Continental, Italian, Mexican, Mongolian, Thai & Lebanese

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